About the International Standards Olympiad

Project Descriptions

Preliminary Round | June 1 (Friday) ~ June 22 (Friday), 2018

The perliminiary round is only for national participants in Korea. International participants will be selected from their NSB(National Standards Body) through their own national perliminiary round.

Main Tournament | August 8(Wed.) ~ 10(Fri,), 2018

25 teams of each korean and international from each middle school division and high school division that passed the preliminary round
Solve the project task assigned on the day of the event
  • * Each team must produce a standard model, create a portfolio for both first and second round, and make an oral presentation of the standardization output
    • * Main Contest Task :

      - Problem-solving standardization task (given at site) & Creation a portifolio about standardization methods

[Events] Participating countries' culture introduction & Korean traditional culture show → Promote Hallyu & international exchange among youngsters.

Evaluation Criteria (100points)

- Evaluation is to be divided into Standardization Protoype Evaluation, Portfolio Evaluation, and Presentation Evaluation

Evaluation Criteria (100points)
Standardization Protoype
Evaluation (65)
Evaluation (35)
Functionality Understanding Standard and logicality
Creativity Feasibility of Standardization
Effective feasibility Explanation of Participle for Making a Model Product