About the International Standards Olympiad


International Standards Olympiad

Since 2006, KATS(Korean Agency for Technology and Standards) and KSA(Korean Standards Association) has been organizing the Standards Olympiad as a tournament to instill an understanding of standards and to raise awareness of its importance among youngsters.

The International Standards Olympiad targets students from elementary to high school in Korea and overseas. Teams must pass the preliminary round to qualify for the main event of the tournament wherein participants get to experience standardization as they go through the process of solving project assignments. In 2014, the Olympiad was launched as an international event; from 2015 onward, the International Standards Olympiad will be held as a formal tournament.

The International Standards Olympiad assesses standard setting not just from conceptual perspectives; it is a tournament that involves creativity, scientific knowledge, and technology. Participants will have an exciting time gaining practical experience in standardization.

Desired Outputs

  • Propagate an awareness of standards among the general population as something that could bring convenience and promote security in our daily lives
  • Enhance students' scientific creativity skills through exercises on making the standards needed in daily life
  • Publicize and promote the international tournaments hosted by Korea at home and abroad to advance the nation in standardization education