Q I would like to participate in the International Standards Olympiad. How can I participate?
The participants in the Olympiad will compete in teams of three students. Each county need to pick their representative teams who pass a national preliminary competition.
If you are international participants, you have to be recommended by your own National Standards Body to Korean National Body (KATS).
Q How many hours will be given to complete the task during the main tournament?
A team project about standardization will be given to each team as an assignment requiring up to eight hours of practical and theoretical work. For presentation, each team will be given 10 minutes to explain their work in front of judges.
Q Is there Wi-Fi access available? Can I use internet during the main tournament?
The venue has free to use Wi-Fi access. However, the participants will not able to use any mobile devices including personal computer during the Olympiad period
Q After the main tournament, can I take my work back home?
All participants' work (including portfolio and prototype) belonging to the International Standards Olympiad Office. So, it is not allowed to bring your work back even after the main tournament.